Irresponsible Reporting?

12 01 2010

An article appeared in the, NZ Herald and several other media, blaming Gardasil vaccine for the death of an 18 year old Upper Hutt woman. She died in her sleep, and as yet there are no publicly released reports of the post mortem. this will not be available until after the Coroner’s Report has been made.

This does not stop the NZ Herald from running the story.

Now, I can understand the grief of a parent who has lost a child at such a young age, and the search for answers to a sudden, unexplained death.

But idle speculation does not help find the cause, and articles such as this can further undermine public confidence in immunisation.

Even now, long after the MMR scare in the UK and the Thimerosal errors in the US, many people are actively campaigning against vaccinations, using nothing more than their own fears and the compounded fears of others as “evidence”.

We deserve better from our media.




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