Reverse MARCH!

15 01 2010

On the 1st January, 2004 New Zealand took a giant step towards maturity by abolishing legal appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and establishing its own Supreme Court to be the final Court of Appeal. This was a process over 100 years in the making, and upset some of the more nervous nellies of the Land.

Now, a bare 6 years after the passing of the Supreme Court Bill, a sycophantic National Party government leads NZ back to the past by having the new Supreme Court building opened by one of the last vestiges of King and Empire days, William Mountbatten-Windsor.

What does young William have to offer New Zealand, and why should he be chosen to open a building that represents a new dawn for the NZ legal system?

Keep in mind that although one day he may be “King of New Zealand”, he will never be a part of New Zealand. In everything he does, he will be “British to the bootstraps” and will forever place the interests of England and the UK above those of New Zealand.

He will visit again for the Rugby World Cup and will be supporting England, not New Zealand. Like his father and grandfather, when it comes to promoting trade opportunities, you will find him at the UK booth, not the New Zealand booth. When the All Whites play in the World Cup, William will be cheering for England; he is after all the President of the English Football Association Council, not New Zealand Football.

I don’t know how much the opening will cost, I have heard a figure of $200,000 but that may be for his entire trip. But whatever the cost, it is too much.

It’s an inferiority complex that has New Zealand’s nervous nellies wanting to cling to the Privy Council, and its the same inferiority complex shown by the National Government when they cannot find  one person among the 4.3 million of us worthy enough to cut a ribbon and open a building.




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