Who is discriminating against whom?

19 01 2010

Karnail Singh wants the Manurewa CosmopolitanKarnail Singh
Club to change its headwear policy after he was barred from entering a party in his own honour in November.

Now let’s take a look at this.

The Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club is a membership based organisation. The members elect a board and the board employs managers and staff. The rules of the club are clearly set out, as is the process for amending the rules.

Karnail Singh, as far as I know, is not a member of the club, but he wants it to change the rules to suit his requirements.

“Mr Singh said demanding a rule change was a bottom line, and he would consider taking legal action against the club if it did not agree to his request at mediation.”

Karnail Singh wishes to wear a symbol of his religion to a place where religion is a distant second to membership and good manners. Unlike a person’s race, religion can left at the front door, allowing a visitor to the club to be just that, a visitor, not an outsider.

Karnail Singh is not prepared to leave his religion at the front door, he requires all the members of Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club to adhere to his requirements.

Karnail Singh wishes to have legal backing so HE can discriminate against the membership of the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club.




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