SAS, Photos and Reality

21 01 2010

A storm in a teacup has broken out over the publication of this photo, and several similar ones, showing NZ SAS in Afghanistan.


Some people seem to think that this photo is putting SAS lives at risk. If that is so, then what was sending them to Afghanistan in the first place? They are in a country where many, maybe even a majority, of the local population do not take kindly to invaders. They are in a country ruled by a kleptocracy supported by war lords and drug dealers. They will be shot at. But that’s OK, as long as no photos of them are published. Get real.

This is not about the safety of any SAS member, it is about the SAS trying to build a mystique, controlling information and trying to avoid accountability.

Can any of those complaining about the publication of the above picture tell me the difference between it and the picture below?


This picture also shows NZ troops in Afghanistan. There are two differences, AFAIK. The picture is not SAS and it was provided to the media by the Army. So why no fuss about these mugs being in danger?

Some of the more hilarious comments about this have come from wannabe journalist Cam Slater and his cohort.

Slater says “The Dom­post and Stuff carry pho­tos (no I’m not link­ing to them) of the SAS sol­diers like the one below. I have done what the Dom­Post should have done. Why don’t we just send all their details to the enemy.”

Slater needs to buy a clue. I think the “enemy” already know they’re there, and the uniform is pretty much a great big giveaway.




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