Free Speech? Only If NZ Police Approve

8 02 2010

A new Christchurch principal is the subject of a vicious online attack, sparking a police investigation.

How vicious is this attack? Some students have set up a Facebook page to air their grievances with the school’s new Principal, Warwick Maguire. Airing a grievance is a right in a free and democratic society. And these students are learning a valuable lesson as others join and post in support of the principal, or in opposing the Burnside High students’ views. Again, that is a right in a free and democratic society.

But a free and democratic society does not suit the NZ police in general, and Senior Sergeant Pete Stills in particular. "People need to be very careful about what they say in a public domain.", The Press quotes Stills as saying.

Being careful about what you say in public is the hallmark of an oppressive state, a dictatorship and is the antithesis of freedom.

Senior Sergeant Pete Stills should be told, in no uncertain terms, to pull his head in and let the discussion flow.




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