Stand United with Norway

11 02 2010

NorwayDagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper, printed a Muhammed cartoon as an illustration to an article last week. Predictably, Muslims were whipped in to a frenzy.

Now, the cartoon was not created or ordered by the newspaper, it was used to illustrate a story about an anti-Islam Facebook page, aparently setup by Norway’s Police Security Service. The cartoon depicts Mohammed as a pig whilst he writes the Koran.

Now, a reasonable person would thank Dagbladet for exposing this, but it seems Imam and reasonable person don’t go together.

<i>“Imam Malana-hafiz Mehboob-ur-Rehman is disappointed after meeting with Dagbladet’s editor Lars Helle and fears reactions from Muslim extremists.
The imam had hopped Helle would apologize for Dagbladet printing a Muhammed caricature last week.”</i>

Perhaps the Imam should take some responsibility for discouraging his co-religionists from viloence.

<i>In response Lars Helle told Nettavisen: I think we all have a responsibility to keep reactions to a normal level.

He says he doesn’t regret that the newspaper printed the cartoons.
"I don’t regret it, they can think what they want, but I think Dagbladet should have the right to illustrate the new in it’s own way," he said.
Helle thinks Dagbladet’s printing of the cartoons are different than what had happened in the past.

"I think this case is a little different than the others, since this was an illustration to a news item," he said after the meeting.</i>

And is it just me, or do others find it odd that Pakistanis had a stock of Norwegian flags ready to burn in protest?




2 responses

11 02 2010

Having visited Pakistan in the late 70s and seen 10 year old boys making replica AK47s using nothing more than hand tools and their feet for a vise I’d say producing a flag is, quite literally, childs play.

30 05 2010

I am watching from over the ?

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