Can John Key lie straight in bed?

20 05 2011


Kiwisaver changes won’t commence until after the election, so voters can pass judgement, says Shonkey.

So why is the reduction in government contributions commencing in July? Have they announced a June election and already declared themselves winners?

And why the need for parliament to sit under urgency yesterday to pass the changes?




2 responses

9 07 2011

I thought you could’ve worked it out…..

Its because KiwiSaver among other social welfare bribes bestowed around our country’s neck is bankrupting us.

If you don’t want KiwiSaver cuts, what other welfare bribes should we cut instead? Working For Families, Accomodation Supplement, Interest Free Student Loans, DPB, dole, Super Annuation, Sickness Benefit, Invalids Benefit, or bailing out failed finance companies (yup thanks Cullen!)?

What about the 10,000 extra paper pushers that Labour hired that have so far achieved nothing?

You smarmy prick. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

9 07 2011

What a foul mouthed little shit you are, and not even game enough to provide a real email address.

There are many ways to cut the cloth. I have always advocated the disbanding of WFF, we could move to an Australian style super scheme, impose a means test on state super and introduce a broad based capital gains tax.

And, thanks for the suggestion about fucking myself, but I much prefer fucking your mother, nothing like an old slag, is there?

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