An example of Christian hubris

8 07 2011

Yes, I really do love how Christians can easily slip in to the “It’s all about ME!” mode, how self centred their religion makes them.

Over at NZ Conservative Lucyna / Lucia Maria claims her son was being bullied at school and writes What stopped it? Family prayer of the Rosary, with an intention added for the harrassment to stop.

That’s right, all the Majesty of The Heavens was brought to bear to stop one little snotty nosed school kid from being bullied.

Today, thousands will starve, but god won’t mind.

Thousands will suffer unspeakable poverty and deprivation, but Jesus said “Fuck the poor, they’ll always be around, but I’m pissing off to heaven soon, so pleasure me” or words to that effect.

How many people, in their final moments of life, have cried out to god for help, only to find all the lines were engaged because Lucia Maria’s sprog can’t stand up for himself?




One response

10 09 2014

do you have eyes do you have ears do you have fingers if so then how counld you poserbly make that mastake it is all about LOVE

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