Coddington–More Kiwis must die in Afghanistan.

9 10 2011


Deborah Coddington attempts to justify Kiwi deaths in Afghanistan by comparing it to helping out a neighbour. She makes the fatuous claim that those of us opposed to NZ military engagement in Afghanistan would decline to come to her aid were she attacked in her own home.

I say fatuous, as the people being attacked in their own homes are not the smug columnists such as Coddington, but Afghans who have done nothing at all to bring death and destruction in to their homes. They are simple people attempting to live their lives in peace, but who have been constantly invaded and attacked for no good reason.

Coddington then repeats the words of Tim O’Donell’s parents:

But there were poignant comments from the parents of Lieutenant Tim O’Donnell, who was killed last year. To pull out now would be "disrespectful" to O’Donnell and the other two fallen soldiers, Private Cliff Mila and Corporal Doug Grant.

So, if we don’t pull out now, it is a sure thing that more NZ soldiers will die. Just how many deaths will be needed to show respect to those who have already died?

Coddington’s Article




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