What would a good parent do?

10 12 2011


What would you do if you saw your child in danger?

What if your son was about to run in front of a truck. Would you stand by and watch, or would you grab hold of your son and pull him to safety?

What would you do if your daughter was about to eat a poison mushroom? Would you sit by and watch, or would you slap it from her hand?

I know what I would do, I would take all possible steps to protect my child.

So, what sort of parent is God?

When Eve was about to bite from the apple, God knew that her doing so would bring about her ultimate death and the death of everyone of her descendants. And before they died, they would live a life of pain and struggle.

So, what did God do? Did he slap the apple from Eve’s hand and save her life and the lives of all her descendants?

No, God sat back on a comfy cloud, surrounded by his sycophantic angels and laughed “Look, she’s got it. She’s got the apple. She’s going to take a bite. Oh, this is going to be so much fucking fun. YES! She bit the apple!”

And thus began the tale of woe that his human history, until a few brave Men stood up to God and began to use their intellect and their reson to begin minimising and eliminating the woe and grief.

So, is God a good parent? No, he is un uncaring parent, unworthy of the role and his children should be taken in to care.




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