Spot the difference.

15 01 2012



Richard O’Dwyer, 23 operated a web site listing places where films and TV programmes could be illegally downloaded.

His site did not store copyright material itself and merely pointed users to other sites, in the same way that Google and Yahoo operate. And yes, Yahoo and Google will also point you to sites such as dl4all and Pirate Bay.

What he did is not illegal under British law.

District Judge Quentin Purdy said the extradition could go ahead, saying there were ‘said to be direct consequences of criminal activity by Richard O’Dwyer in the U.S. albeit by him never leaving the North of England’.

Richard O’Dwyer news story.



Turkey has sought  extradition of Sarah Ferguson after a Turkish court accused her of "breaking the law in acquiring footage and violating the privacy of five children" while making the documentary in 2008, Turkey’s Anatolian news agency said.

Ferguson, the former wife of Queen Elizabeth’s second son Prince Andrew, posed as a potential charitable donor to visit state orphanages in Turkey and Romania, followed by hidden cameras, to highlight poor conditions at rehabilitation centres for mentally handicapped children.

What she did is not illegal under British law.

Britain’s Home Office (interior ministry) said in a statement "The Home Office can confirm it has received a formal request for mutual legal assistance concerning Sarah, Duchess of York. It is not appropriate to comment further."

A ministry source said there was no question of the Duchess being extradited to Turkey. "It has to be an offence in both the countries’ laws. It’s not an offense in U.K. law, so the duchess won’t be extradited," the source told Reuters.


So, what’s the difference in these two cases?

Is it a case of wealth and privilege providing protection?

Or is it a case of tugging the forelock in America’s direction and knocking of the Turkish fez?




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