Satan owns God – The Bible Tells Me So

7 02 2012




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10 09 2014

get your facts right mate if you had bothd to do the “unspecerbel” and READ THE BIBLE (what a crime i’m going to faint) you might know that the milon yeras were pland welll befor genersis and who would want a puppet to like you god dosent so he gave us free chose and he probley dosent want to spend eternity with a hole bunch of people who hate him saved by love not with all the people you hate and he sacrifised a peac of him self for you! be graght full and since you are certinly not a cristand with all thes LIES you are spreding how do you know what we beleve!!!!!

12 03 2016
missmiss cookle

Why are the main proponents of Christianity so obnoxious and at the same time so subservient and obedient to a man,guy,fella name Jesus
did he/she/it give all those kids in Syria free will they shouldn’t of gone to kindergarten that day thank God for free will watch the news and you will see your loving god in action oh wait a minute in slothfulness if i was a god i will be a dumb god
i will save those kids

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