This is the face of gluttony

17 02 2012


This is Mike Smith, CEO of ANZ


Mike Smith has just announced a record profit of a quarter.

Mike Smith has just announced an mortgage interest rate hike to “preserve margins in a tough economic climate”

Mike Smith has just sacked 1000 employees to “reduce costs”.


This what Mike Smith spends the bank’s money on.




ANZ boss Mike Smith is taking his top staff on a $1.75 million cruise just weeks after axing 1000 workers to save money.

The exclusive Silver Shadow cruise of Malaysia’s Langkawi islands boasts gourmet food, drinks and luxury suites.

Each of the 200 passengers – 100 staff and their guests – will have a personal butler.

Just days after sacking 1000 staff – 600 from its Docklands HQ – ANZ revealed a $1.48 billion quarterly profit.


Mike Smith – First nominee for Glutton of 2012.




One response

20 02 2012
Peter Pumpkinhead

And this affects you how? If you don’t like it don’t bank there. There’s no compulsion being used.

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