Beyond Belief

19 12 2012

Every time there is a tragedy, but even more so in the USofA, nutbars crawl out from their shitpiles to declare it is all “god’s judgement”. That somehow god is so pissed off that the only way he can assuage his anger is by killing little children. Still, we know from the OT he has a history of that, and adults do seem to scare him, especially after that whole crucifixion business.

They’ve even gone so far as to produce a T-Shirt proclaiming god isn’t allowed in schools. Piss weak god, that one, I reckon.

So, here’s a fixed up t-shirt.






6 responses

14 05 2013

God does not obey instructions from humans… God is everywhere despite how evermany t-shirts may be worn …. by the way God does not get p….ed that is a failing of mankind .

15 05 2013

Nope, god is nowhere.

Every where I look, no god.

Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

And voices in your head and wishful thinking do not count as “god is everywhere”.

10 09 2014

well i have everdenc in the new testerment jeseus burns a tree wich is inbaricig for that time do you ever hear cinderela have a fight with prince charming the bible isent a story do you belev the news you dont say the moon landing was fake they were ther mattuw mark luck and jone

15 05 2013

God does not have a human body that can be seen by any of us ,,,,there is no way that I could convince you of God’s existance and there is no way that you can prove to me that He doesn’t exist … belief in God is not something that can be worked out like one can work out a mathematical problem … Faith, belief and love for God and belief in His love for each and everyone of us is a gift from God … a gift that I pray He will give you one day dear LFO…. then ( although you don’t believe it now) will make your life so much richer … not in your pocket but in your heart

18 05 2013

Actually, there is a very simple way for god to prove exists – appear.

Faith, belief and love for God and belief in His love for each and everyone of us is a gift from God

No, faith is something you cling to in the face of evidence. I do not need to have faith to know may parents exist, my children exist, my friends exist. So, why should god be any different?

God does not appear because there are no god(s).

10 09 2014

god dosent apper because he is whating for you to trust him so you dont die

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