Strange ideas about where sex takes place.

10 05 2013

A lesbian couple have been turned away from a Whangarei guesthouse that refused to let them share a bed.

Nothing too remarkable about this, as there are always religious bigots who think that their “faith” in an colourless, odourless, non-existent sky pixie trumps all. What caught my eye were the comments from the religious bigots.

“Why do they assume that we have to change our standards, our values, to accommodate behaviour that is sodomy?”

In the past, same-sex couples have been allowed to stay at the Pilgrim Planet Lodge, but only if they slept in separate single beds.

So, is it right that religious bigots can only have sex in a double bed? That they cannot consider the idea that sex may be a portable event and can be played in a single bed too? Have they not realised that some of us godless perverts have sex when not even in a bed, single or double?




5 responses

14 05 2013

Maybe you can have sex in any and many places but that does not mean surely that they MUST provide you with a double bed to make it more comfortable .. not at least under the owners’ roof.

14 05 2013

It DOES if you are in the business of providing accommodation.

14 05 2013

Is there then a law that the landlord Must provide a DOUBLE bed?

15 05 2013

IF the landlord provides a double bed for some, then it must be provided for ALL. Is that so hard to understand?

15 05 2013

Maybe then the landlord would save his/her self by only having single beds for all….

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